Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people commonly ask us. Have a question not covered in the FAQ? Check the forums!

Many blogs limit the number of articles available in "syndication." Your blog may limit available articles by count or by the age of the post. Check the RSS settings on your blog and see if you can increase the number or extend the expiration date on your posts.

If your blog's full contents are not showing up in BookBrewer, this means that your RSS feed is not set to "Full Content." While every blog is different, you can usually find this setting in you blog's preference settings. Choose "Full Contents in RSS Feed" or something similar.

Having trouble finding your RSS feed? Go to your Web site or blog, then look for a small, orange icon with radio waves on it. Sometimes this button will also appear to the left or right of the content in the blog. Occasionally you won't see this icon at all, but you will see a hyperlink that says simply, "RSS".

Yes. Choose "Add Content" from the BookBuilder page. Clicking the Add Feed tab reveals a form. Simply enter the name and rss feed address of your block and click save. Your blog's content will be imported.

Easy! Create or edit a book, then click the Add Content button. To upload pictures, choose the camera icon in the content toolbar. Then click the Upload button, upload your photo, and insert it. You should be able to change the size of the photo by dragging its corners.

This information shows up in a couple of places. First, we display it on your book's details page. Second, we display this information with your eBook's listing when available on certain bookseller sites. For this reason, we recommend making a compelling description along the lines of what you may read on a printed book's dust jacket.

It's easy to get set up to receive royalty payments for eBooks sold through Borders Get Published using the Basic Publishing Package. Per the author agreement, we process payments to authors on a quarterly basis 45 days after we receive payments from retailers provided that an author is due at least $25 and has provided us with a Paypal ID.

To get set up to be paid, you just need to do two things: 1) E-mail or Fax us a W-9 form, and 2) enter your Paypal ID into your user profile. Here's more about both.

1. Give Us Your Paypal ID

You must have an active PayPal account that is linked to your bank account. If you need a PayPal account, you can set one up for free by going to Do the following to add it to our system:

  1. Log in to Borders Get Published.
  2. Click "Edit Profile / Password" at the upper right.
  3. Click the Payment Information tab at the top of your profile.
  4. Fill out all of the requested information, including your PayPal ID (an e-mail address), and click Save.

That's it!


2. Send Us Your W-9 Form

Download this W-9 form, print it out, fill it out, then send it to us via one of the following ways. Either fax it to 303-578-5371, or e-mail it to




Authors who use BookBrewer keep 95% of royalties after retailers' percentages and fees -- one of the highest in the industry.

Because every book retailer has different terms, it's impossible to provide one author royalty percentage that applies to every retailer. But you can use this formuala to calculate your proceeds for any one retailer:

    Author Royalty = (Sales price) - (Retailer percentage & fees) - (5% post-retailer charges)

As of November, retailers we distribute to were charging the following fees. Please note that these rates are only for books priced between $2.99 and $9.99. Some booksellers take a higher percentage for books that fall outside of this range, which is why BookBrewer only allows books to be priced within this range at this time.

  • 30%, plus delivery charge dependent on book length, usually around 40 cents for a typical book with text and a few photos. Books with more images and multimedia will cost more to deliver. Amazon is the only retailer charging delivery fees at this time.
  • Apple iBooks: 30%
  • Barnes & Noble: 35%
  • Kobo: 30%

Yes. For $29.99 you can get a copy of your eBook with no "sample" watermarks, and no DRM. You can then use the file to submit on your own to retailers, send to friends and family, or access for your personal use.

The sample ePub files are intended for you to test out your eBook in various eReader programs, apps and devices. When we push the files into Retailers with your permission so that they can be purchased by others, we send them a different version that does not contain the Sample watermark and information.


No. After content is imported, it is only available for your personal use. If we ever do allow other people to use your content in the future, you will have to explicitly give permission for us to do that.

Yes. For $29.99 you can get a copy of your eBook with no "sample" watermarks, and no DRM. You can then use the file to submit on your own to retailers, send to friends and family, or access for your personal use.

Here are some ways to preview your ePub files:

1) PC or Mac computer

If you use the Firefox browser, install the free EPUBReader plugin. Using a different browser? Try Adobe Digital Editions. After you install either, your eBook should open after downloading an ePub file.

2) iPhone or iPad

There are several apps that allow you to read ePub files, but the easiest is the free Stanza app. If you're on an iPhone or iPad now, download Stanza now. Then return to this page and click the DOWNLOAD button.

3) Android Phones

Try the free FBReader app, which you can get from the Android marketplace.